Fresh Chicken Eggs in Ligonier


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We pasture raise our chickens on a small homestead in Ligonier PA where they have a varied diet of pellets and insects they find in our yard.

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Meet our Chickens!

All of our hens are named Marge.  The fact is, chickens are food to a lot of predators and we decided on the day we got our first chickens, to lump them into one entity.  So we will always have Marge.

We upped our game in 2021 and added nearly 20 chickens to our flock.  We have Easter Eggers, Green Queens, Bard Rocks, and French Marans offering a beautiful mix of egg colors.

If you are looking for pasture fresh eggs in Ligonier, you have come to the right place!

The sale of our eggs goes a long way to cover all of our feed and upkeep for our girls and is greatly appreciated!

Marge - Ligonier Chickens