Mushroom Growing Naming Convention

As I continue to ramp up my mushroom growing endeavors, I am finding that I need to take better notes on my batches from the creation of the substrate to the inoculation and grow room.  To help with this, I am coming up with a naming convention for my grow outs and thought I would share it with everyone.
Self-healing mushroom grain jar caps

Here is an example:


Substrate Date Identifier

The date identifier is the date in YYYY/MM/DD format.  This makes it easy to sort my list by creation date in an excel or spreadsheet tool.  This is the day I prepare the grain in jars or the bag substrate.

Substrate Content Identifier

Now I want to list the primary content types I have in my grain.  In the example above I am 50% Rye, 50% Barley.  That is all I need for the ID number, if there are other additives such as coffee I can put those in my notes based on the ID.

Mushroom Identifier

Now I want to know what mushroom I am inoculating the substrate with.  In the example above, PO, its Pink Oyster.  I also am going to the jar lever by adding an XX at the end of the id. I.e. PO01 is Pink Oyster Jar 01.

Why do this?

 This is a convenient way to put a lot of data in my batch number. I am doing this so I can start to track my success rates based on some of the information in my Part number. 


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