2018 Montana Fly Fishing Trip

August 2nd - August 14th


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The Badlands, Devil's Tower, Butte America, Missouri River, Madison River


Duration: 12 days, 11 nights
Road trip from Erie, PA to the Missouri River in Montana. Traveling through, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and finally Montana to fly fish, train trip back.

After winning a three day fly fishing trip at the Miss Mayfly Launch event in Ligonier, PA, Laurie invited me… here worthy husband on an amazing adventure trip across the country to enjoy some of the most spectacular views in North America and the world.

  • Fun Factor 99% 99%
  • Food Finds 70% 70%
  • Travel & Accomadations 80% 80%
  • Kids invited 0% 0%

I have to say that this is hands down my best vacation. It was a complete escape. Driving through America’s heartland was a wonderful experience and fly fishing in Montana was enjoyable beyond words.  To any of you who are feeling run down and exhausted, I would recommend this trip.

Madison River Fly Fishing

Madison River Fly Fishing

This is a shot of a fly fisher off the shore on the Madison River. Montana is such an amazing state with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.

Amazing Sights

1. Our Lady of the Rockies – Butte, Montana

You must check out, “Our Lady of the Rockies” if you find yourself in Butte, MT. Even if you are not Catholic, it is a marvel, and the view from up there is amazing. Map

2. The Badlands – South Dakota

The Badlands alone are worth the trip to Montana.  This is a MUST see. Map

3. Crazy Horse

We loved Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse, Crazy Horse is above Mt Rushmore just because there was more to do and see at the Crazy Horse Memorial. Map

4. Mt Rushmore

This is a stunning site to see. The workmanship and effort that went into building this is insane. Mt Rushmore is a MUST see. Map

5. Quake Lake

Tragic is the story behind this lake. The video offers a pretty comprehensive account of the land side that killed numerous campers and residents in 1959. Map

Our Lady of the Rockies

Road Trip to Montana!

Here are our accumulated blog entries for our trip to Montana. These posts will publish in a delayed order, offset by a few days.

Day 6 & 7 – Butte, Montana

Day 6 & 7 – Butte, Montana

So, this little slice of heaven nicknamed Butte America was our next adventure. I fell in love with Butte, Montana, I felt somewhat connected to this cool little town. It was a peaceful place but at the same time, you could see the city lights shimmering at night from...

Day 2 – Iowa to South Dakota – The eternal I-90.

Day 2 – Iowa to South Dakota – The eternal I-90.

  Next Stop - South Dakota. Day two on our epic adventure, I got to learn about the joys of driving I 90. For me, it was a great experience. Its pretty much an 80mph straight shot across the country. I suspect its hell in the winter. For anyone who thinks that...

Day 1 – Erie to Iowa

Day 1 – Erie to Iowa

All and all, day 1 was a very uneventful day.  We drive 10.5 hours and probably made about 2.5 hours worth of stops including this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in Iowa. This place had tripe and tendon on the menu. I think that's leaning toward pretty damn...

2018 Montana – Itinerary

2018 Montana – Itinerary

Traveling to our Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trip in Montana is half the fun! At the Miss Mayfly Launch event in Ligonier, I was lucky enough to win a Fly FIshing excursion with a bonafide, certified, an Outfitter in Montana for 3 days!  Robb and I talked about flying out,...

Montana Fly Fishing

The Highlight of the Trip!


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Stay tuned for more adventures!

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