Easy to Make Mushroom Grain Jar Caps

It's super easy to make your own Mushroom Grain Jar caps with self-healing injection ports. Here is how!
Self-healing mushroom grain jar caps

Video Tutorial: Making Mushroom Grain Jar Lids

Mushroom Grain Jar Lid Video Transcript

So the first thing I’m going to do after we drill out the caps is trim off the edges so that there’s no plastic hanging out there.

Then we’re going to use some silicon, and we’re going to use this to create a airtight gap around the injection port, so I like to use water here, because the water, the paper towel and water won’t stick to the silicon so it makes it really easy to put into place.

So we’re going to put a dab across the top opening of the jar lid and we’re going to dab that with the wet paper towel, turn it over and put a dab on the bottom, and then we’ll doubt that with a wet paper towel, and that’ll create a nice bubble also so you can see exactly where that port is on the cap it makes it really easy to find the injection port.

The other hole is going to be the vent hole, and we’re just going to use some surgical tape to place two pieces of surgical tape over that hole, so that the jar can breathe and that will let the mycelium get some air that it needs to reproduce and colonize the jar.

What you need for your grain jar caps



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